15,000 Classic Commodore 64 Games and Programs on 3 Massive CD’s!


The C64 Games Archive CD’s are undeniably the best value Commodore emulation CD ‘s available with the best selection of classic C64 game titles available anywhere. This full commercial release comes supplied in a stylish DVD box with full colour covers and user manual. Why spend months trying to download a heap of D64 or T64 game files when for one low price you’ll get three full multi-format CD ‘s to use on your home computer, with easy to understand instructions and all ready to go…. 


CD1: 3,000 Ready to run C64 games in T64 and D64 rom formats. Aswell as the best C64 SID tunes, and selected screengrabs. A SID music Player is included on the CD, But you can also download a SID plugin for Winamp via:

CD2: 15,000 Games all archived using ZIP. See the on-CD instructions.

CD3: Vast array of Classic C64 music and Megademo’s


The main CD includes a number of easy to use emulators for Windows, Mac and Amiga. Please visit: C64EMULATORS SITE for a full list of Emulators for ALL platforms.


Run Win64b31, Then using the FILE menu select OPEN, Choose your CD-ROM drive or the Drive you have extracted the games too, then Click on a game (eg:Drwho.d64) The contents of the “virtual C64 disk” will appear in the window below, select the game you want to run (Usually the top file in the list) then click on RUN.  That’s it!  See the Readme.txt file on the CD for further information. Other emulators are available on the CD’s and from: C64EMULATORS SITE


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